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Precision stamping
Precision stamping

There are lots of automobile parts made by fine-blanking.Fine-blanking can

obtain the critical piece part.(i.e. seat belt buckle, braking system and airbag)

in high precision and excellent working condition.

[The difference between fine-blanking and conventional stamping]

Fine-blanking is a cutting-less machining technology which is a precision

stamping process developed based on conventional stamping technology. This

fabrication method achieves cutting plane no tearing or cracking. Also it can

obtain the tightest precision dimension and tolerance of straightness and


Automobile part by fine-blanking equipment (250T~800T)
HDD VCM part by fine-stamping equipment (80T-500T)

We offer a dedicated production line. Please feel free to Contact us.
Besides fine-blanking equipment, we can design dedicated production line to fulfill volume production requirement.

By using robotic arm and mechanism to grape/push and separate part from wastage, also with deburring machine, cleaning and

drying machine, automation flatness inspection, workstation connected automation line and robot arm to pick up piece part.