Product Detail

The area of over-molding floor in CFTC is about 1,000 . Our main

products are automobile door lock latch (pawl). There are several

vertical dual rotate station injection molding machines which can

produce 28 million pcs parts per year.

CFTC will evaluate and implement automation line including

automated production, automated deburring, automated CCD

inspection, and automated packing process in the next year. With strict

discipline, CFTC is customer oriented. CFTC will continue to

produce product to fulfill customer requirement and create the value

for customer.

Over-molding tool design & manufacture

CFTC has the design team can design and fabricate tooling in



  1. With DFM in early tooling design stage can reduce NG

    occurrence during tooling fabrication.

  2. Mold-flow simulation modeling can expedite tooling



Production Environment

Production Equipment

Precision vertical dual rotate station machine


The equipment performs excellent job. It is suitable for producing automobile door lock


The features of injection system:

The injection system is MOOG+ACC hydraulic system. The thickness of plastic molding is about 0.15~0.7mm. (for precision high speed machine)

Eddy-current nondestructive testing equipment

Working Principle:

Comparing the difference of magnetic field

between a good part and testing part to

determine whether the testing part has been

well heat-treated or not.

Main Application:

To prevent the part defect with missing

heat-treated escape to customer side. It

avoids the safety issue may be caused by

door locker.

Reversed Engineering Equipment
Reversed engineering software

Working Principle:

By 3D imagine scanner, it can obtain 3D

model from the reversedengineering


Main Application:

  1. To obtain the dimension that

    cannot measure.

  2. It plays an important role on the

    quality of overmold tooling in

    earlier design stage.